Hi and welcome to my page, my name is Bruno Linher, and I am a 1977 born photographer, lomographer and drawing artist from Vienna, Austria. I started in the year 1998 with slide film photography, then had a very intense phase playing bass guitar in the band BOON, started painting intensely in 2008 and came back to black and white photography in late 2015.

If you scroll down you can see all the photos which are available as fine art prints in 20*30 cm right now. The photos come with a free pass partout and are available in glossy for glassless mounting or in mat, for mounting behind glass. Feel free to get in touch for prices or to order one or even two photos by dropping me an e-mail, via

Thank you very much!

If you have time please read an interview with me in german by the photo artist Subhash released on May 25th 2020.

All the best, Bruno.

Copyright 2020 Bruno Linher

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